Lee-Lanie Hough

As a Grade R educator at Totius Primary School, I was first introduced to the Do and Learn programme in 2008. 

The learners in my class who attended this wonderful programme with Dokka Swart excelled in Language Development. 

As a qualified Foundation Phase Educator, during my years of teaching, I would always recommend this programme to all the parents, colleagues and friends.

Needless to say, when I had my own daughter in 2016, this was one of the programmes that I knew I would like her to be exposed to. 

Ghia has been in a nursery school from the age of 4 months. When she turned 5  in 2021,  I felt the time was right for her to start with an additional enrichment programme with a fun learning experience. 

That’s when I made contact with Dokka Swart and asked her if Ghia could join her classes. 

After the first lesson, she could manage to read a few sight words and sentences. She could also write her own name!

My daughter enjoys the lessons and can’t wait for the following week.

The Do and Learn Programme is the best!

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