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We can assist anyone, of any age, to learn. Establish the foundation of learning, literacy, and numercay skills.

Why early learningfoundation matters

There are many ways to learn to read and count! Whole brain patterns are established and fully developed for life when neurological and learning development take place at the same time. All emotional, physical and cognitive development enhances sustainable and permanent reading and counting skills.

Do and Learn enhances the following:

  • Early developmental support in all areas
  • School readiness
  • Overall general developmental skills
  • Literacy skills developed holistically
  • Mathematic skills developed holistically

What we offerguarantees teaching anyone

Establish Reading Foundations

Establish Mathematical Foundations

Enhance Development Foundations


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Learners Helped

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We Teach LearnersThrough Doing

Sensory play helps build nerve connections in the brain which can lead to learning more complex tasks.
We encourage sensory play through:

  • Physical development
    • Sensory development
    • Balance and proprioception
  • Emotional development
  • Cognitive development
  • Formal reading, writing and numeracy skills

What We Offer

Do and Learn’s mission is to provide the gift of reading and learning. If you can read, you can learn. If you can learn, potential is developed. Our vision is to create sustainable opportunities in all learning environments.

Learn To Read

Empower Schools

School Readiness


Learn To Read

Learning to read is an adventure following these steps:

  1. Development of the learner’s self-efficiency and goal orientation and understanding that learning starts within.
  2. Multi-sensory integration and connection with reading.
  3. Capturing and repetition of new information.
  4. Development of multi-sensory memory and comprehension skills.
  5. Processing of new knowledge, connecting with current knowledge, resulting into the desired outcome.
  6. Evaluation and assessment of the information learned.

Empower Schools

Empower schools to operate as learning support centers.

Educators, learning support specialists and volunteers at schools are empowered to apply Do and Learn on all levels of reading, writing and numeracy. Schools, aftercare centers, private mentoring and tutoring opportunities are using Do and Learn successfully. Do and Learn is used by national educational departments. Do and Learn aspires to develop quality teaching and effective learning skills.

School Readiness

Neurological and learning readiness. Read more about:


Do and Learn is a registered NPO, NPC and PBO.

Donations receive recognition for B-BBEE certification.

Claim tax deductions through Section 18A when donating.

NPO no:  2008/008289/08

PBO no:  930 046 456

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We guarantee to teach anyone to read 7 sentences in a day!


The Do and Learn multi-sensory methodology provide high impact and repetitive input experiences. The processing of the learning experience creates new pathways and strengthen weak ones ensuring effective and correct output.


Creating connections between auditive sound recognition, visual images and written sound result in association between building of words and sentences creating lifelong reading skills.


Engaging learners through play and active participation in their own learning, promotes a positive learning experience that encourages confident and happy readers.

We provide confidence that those you care about can read!

It takes a village to raise a child!

Toni Morrison 1981

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Do and Learn’s mission is to provide the necessary resources for anyone to be able to read. Here are some of our success stories. 

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