Do and Learn

Where we came from

The Reading Program was devised by the late Dr Rose Botha who had 60 years of teaching experience. The program is now in use for 21 years. Dokka Swart and Hannelize Upsher have been involved with the development of Do and Learn since the year 2000.

Who we are

Dokka Swart

My passion in life is to train more educators to pursue the same dream as me.  I find my greatest joy in the smile on the face and the sparkle in the eyes of a child who thought it was impossible to learn to read!

Qualification:  BA (HED) Higher Education Diploma

Contact number: 082 940 6394


Nicolette van den Heever

I have a passion and calling to understand the needs of all learners, helping them learn and excel to their full potential becoming the person they are meant to be.


  • Degree in Foundation Phase Education
  • Advanced degree in Learning Support and Special Needs
  • Honours Degree Education in Psychology

Contact number: 082 324 2064


Hannelize Upsher

My mothers mission was to teach South Africa to read. In doing so her legacy is an inspiration to us all. I am the force behind our administration, orders, and bookkeeping.

Qualification: BSc Sport Science and Psychology

Contact number: 082 825 8388


We teach how to read, do maths and help children be ready for school!

What we do

The outcome with special needs pupils is immediately noticeable.

The success lies in the simplicity – it is easy to do and teach.

It is a South African product.

It’s available in Afrikaans, English and Xhosa.

What we offer

  • Repetition is the key to success.
  • The brain likes repetitive movements.
  • As many senses as possible should be involved.
  • Very important to follow the 6 steps with each lesson.
    1. It helps with capturing.
    2. Develops the necessary brain patterns.
  • CAPS oriented
  • Includes all mathematical skills and concepts.
  • Checked and repetitive.
  • Promotes neurological developmental levels physically, emotionally and cognitively.
  • Address primitive reflex outbursts with movement.
  • Promotes sensory integration of left and right brain.
  • Promotes all the neurological skills of the left and right brain necessary for understanding mathematics as a whole.
  • Promotes all perceptual and physical development.
  • Promotes all visual, auditive and kinesthetic learning. 
  • Promotes the cognitive readiness and skills of mathematics. 
  • Initial and intervention reading program.
  • Seven sentences.
  • Auditory and visual integration.
  • Phonetic awareness, reading, writing, and therapeutic exercises.
  • Own read and workbook.
  • Fine, gross motor skills, language and cognitive skills.
  • Compliment the process of learning.
  • Everybody can learn.
  • Training, theory and practical.
  • Learning support training on development, learning and reading.

Our Goals

Do and Learn wants to achieve the following goals by 2022.


Expanding Do and Learn

Every city in the country has a representitive of a Do and Learn business operation.



Helping Children

Every rural school in the country has a package and a trained, funded facilitator (who can help children from previously disadvantaged communities at shool aftercares).



Do and Learn Books

Only purchased Do and Learn books are used, with sponsorships if it cannot be afforded. (No illegal duplication takes place)



Quality Ensured

Continuous evaluation and monitoring of educators, facilitators and businesses take place.


Teach kids

Help kids to be prepared for school.


Learn the fundamentals of mathematics.

Special needs

Assist anyone with special need challenges.