Linda Briers



I regard it a gift from God to be blessed with a passion for children. Children energise me, often encourage me to attempt the impossible and urge me to enjoy life to the full! I appreciate their God given uniqueness, honesty and sincerity and love their spontaneous laughter and joy. I stand in awe of their natural ability to absorb knowledge and their openness to try out anything new. They are created to move, to discover and to conquer.

With the unique Do and Learn to Read Program, it becomes possible to learn to read fluently and with comprehension, which always boosts a child’s self-confidence. I experienced the success of the program at Pampoenkraal Pre-Primary, where Dokka Swart presented the lessons. What a privilege it was to be part of the weekly excitement of “reading for the first time”.

 I am now running this program in the Overstrand Area and am a qualified teacher with years of teaching experience, as  well  as  tutor- and therapy experience :  BA(HED), Post graduate HED(Pre-Prim), Basic and Advanced Course in Play Therapy, SNAP Tutor Training (Autistic and Special Needs children).

My heart’s desire is to make a difference in children’s lives, to make reading easy and full of fun, to let them discover the love for books and to foster a lifelong thirst for reading.