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Business Opportunity

Funded Facilitator Opportunity

School Opportunity

Parents Opportunity

Become the owner of a learning centre!

Help kids learn to read and write by implementing the Do and Learn course material as a curriculum at your school or centre. 

  • Teaching and earning an income opportunity
  • A person registered with Do & Learn Instructors will generate an income and is not limited to any school or area
  • Books for learners will be purchased from Do and Learn
  • An income on fees charged
  • Earn 15 % on Do and Learn material sold by you
  • All training Included
  • Target Market: preschoolers, any person learning to read, special needs learners, foreigners or as a second language

Become a funded facilitator for learners!

Help anyone to learn how to read or do mathematics with our methodology and programme. You can become a Do and Learn member with access to our packages through our mentorship course.

  • Work opportunities created for facilitators
  • Package, training and income funded by a company or institute
  • Teaching limited to a specific school
  • Books for learners purchased from Do and Learn directly
  • Target Market: Grade 1 to 12 learners

Become an active participating school!

You can help create a school environment where quality and effective reading, writing and mathematic skills are enhanced and promoted. By empowering schools and educators with the Do and Learn methodology, more schools and children can have access to course materials and learn. Research have shown that readers become our leaders building a better South Africa.

  • Package bought by the school
  • Educators receive training to teach learners the Do and Learn method in class as part of the curriculum
  • Schools may not generate an income with these packages
  • A Package is limited in the use at one school- not to share between schools
  • Books for learners purchased from Do and Learn
  • Target Market: Grade 1 to 12 learners

Become a confident parent in helping your child!

The Do and Learn equips parents with basic skills to address challenges their child might have with confidence and comprehension when reading and learning.

  • Package purchased by parents for family use
  • Gives the parent the opportunity to teach the child at home
  • Limited to home use only
  • Target Market: Parents, homeschooling learners or international use

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